About Censere

Censere was founded in 2002 and is a member of Phusjon Group. With our dedicated network of offices, we are particularly effective in cross-border situations where language, culture or other practical issues require local knowledge and support.

Censere offers comprehensive valuation and financial modelling services via its extensive network of offices. In fulfilling the needs of each client, Censere combines the experience and skills of our partners and staff with the highly specialised industry knowledge available through our affiliate network.

Valuation services include:

  • Businesses or business interests
  • Derivatives and illiquid debt
  • Intellectual property and other intangibles
  • Tangible assets such as real estate and machinery & equipment

Financial modelling services include:

  • Financial model development
  • Modelling advisory
  • Financial Model review

Research services include:

  • Industry sector studies
  • Bench-marking studies
  • Commercial Intelligence

Practically, we offer a matrix of services which doesn't follow our divisional structure. Our internal structure enables Censere to develop our core strengths, while the benefit to clients is the ability to blend these core strengths into coherent solutions in a variety of situations. Below are some of the areas that Censere is known for:

  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Financial/Tax Reporting
  • Fund Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Intellectual Capital Appraisal & Reporting
  • Intellectual Property Commercialisation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Divestments