Tangibles Valuation & Advisory

Working with a multi-disciplinary team, we assist our clients to:

Real Estate Valuation

Determine the value of land, buildings and structures for a range of purposes. We are particularly skilled in valuing specialised properties such as purpose-built industrial complexes and infrastructure such as power plants, airports, water treatment plants and the like.

Machinery & Equipment Valuation

Value complex manufacturing facilities and associated equipment for acquisition, finance, accounting reference or insurance purposes. Censere is a leader in the provision of specialized machinery and equipment valuation advice to major investors and manufacturers throughout Asia.

Tooling & Inventory Valuation

Value tooling, dies, molds, jigs and inventory. All manufacturing concerns know the importance of tooling, yet few know its current value. Censere can assist in identifying both the economic and insurable values of tooling to ensure that it is properly addressed. Similarly, inventory is only an asset if properly managed. The foundation for sound management is an accurate valuation.

Feasibility Studies

Test the economic viability of a potential project against established criteria. Censere combines its financial valuation capability with its technical expertise to ensure that feasibility studies reflect the real world situation

Industry Sector Studies

Gain insights into specific industry sectors or markets. Censere combines knowledge of numerous industry sectors and Asian markets with our research capability to undertake market entry studies and industry sector reviews

Capacity Reviews

Financial forecasts for manufacturing concerns are predicated on assumptions of production capacity at given levels of utilisation. Our technical experts provide independent advice relating to the design capacity and operating capacity of manufacturing facilities. Combined with and operations and maintenance reviews this helps ensure that forecasts can be achieved by the physical infrastructure

Operations/Maintenance Reviews

Measure the operating efficiency and capabilities of manufacturing facilities against established industry norms or client specific criteria. This is often performed prior to acquisition or as a benchmarking indicator and might also include a review of existing maintenance levels and future maintenance costs