HONG KONG - Censere listed as a professional service provider of "One Belt, One Road" initiative by HKTDC

The "One Belt and One Road" Initiative is a significant development strategy launched by China to promote economic cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road routes in three continents. It has been structured to enhance the free-flow of economic factors and to create a regional economic co-operation framework, benefiting all participants. An infrastructure fund was setup to kick-start the project and the recent establishment of a new multilateral development bank (MDB)​, may also provide additional resources. (Source: HKDTC)

The development of such projects along the "One Belt, One Road" will not be an easy task.​ There will be significant challenges and risks in its implementation. Proper due diligence will need to be undertaken on potential partners and projects. A deep understanding of operating environment and local practice will be required.