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Business Valuation

Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate Valuation

Machinery & Equipment Valuation

Machinery & Equipment Valuation

Financial/Tax Reporting

Censere provides invaluable services to companies and their auditors in the preparation of financial reports and other statutory records, through:

Purchase Price Allocation Reports

A PPA can be done both pre- and post- closing  to assess the impact of an acquisition before committing to a deal and to comply with fair value reporting requirements after the deal is done.

Transfer Pricing Investigations

Censere works with clients to identify and document transfer pricing issues. Subsequent to this we  assess suitable transfer pricing policies and rates in order to meet tax requirements. Advance pricing agreements are becoming more popular as companies seek to reduce risks and compliance costs in the event of a transfer pricing audit.

ESOP Valuations

Clients can engage Censere before granting options to ascertain the impact of a proposed Employee Stock Option Plan or to assist with quantifying the cost after grant for fair value reporting purposes. We frequently assist clients to evaluate how different option features would influence the cost of any proposed grant, frequently helping to avoid costly and unanticipated errors.

Financial Instruments

Our team of analysts is skilled in the valuation of complex financial instruments and guarantees. Whether simple warrants, convertible bonds or complex instruments with puts, calls, collars, caps and other features, Censere can assess the cost of such instruments before being entered into and determine the value for ongoing financial reporting requirements.

Impairment Testing

We have considerable experience in valuing goodwill, other intangibles and fixed tangible assets for impairment and can either undertake this work on behalf of our clients or assist them to conduct their own impairment tests.

Actuarial Valuations

Censere's actuarial team undertake valuations of employee benefit plans, insurance schemes and other complex schemes for estimation of annual expensing and contingency provisions.

Asset Register Advisory

Censere is uniquely placed to advise clients as to the accuracy and relevancy of their asset registers. We can undertake reviews of asset registers, advise on valuation matters and help to develop appropriate asset register management procedures.