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Machinery & Equipment Valuation

  • Asia Pacific Infrastructure Report 4Q2012

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    This report details the activity, history, and opportunities within the Asian Infrastructure Industry with specialization in India, Thailand and Vietnam . In the first section, this report covers general infrastructure information and the status of development of Asia-Pacific countries.

  • Infrastructure



    Infrastructure investment and development is one of the top items for most governments around the world.  While developing countries are facing challenges in urbanization; developed countries need to expand or replace existing infrastructure due to aging or under-investment. Moreover, as a result of the recent financial crisis, most countries have implemented aggressive fiscal policies to support sustainable economic development. These fiscal policies tend to target infrastructure opportunists and drive public and private infrastructure collaboration. 

    In order to meet the growing demand for water, transportation, and power, entities (both public and private) need to deal with great challenges caused by the significance size of projects, scope and financing cost. Given the complexity of these capital intensive projects, professional experience and skills are often required in order to measure them accurately and correctly. This may involve valuing the opportunity and/or risk of the project or assessing the value of a range of infrastructure investment options. For more than a decade Censure has been conducting valuation & operational due diligence on: 

    Power Generators
    Distribution Networks
    Telecommunication & IT Network


    How we can assist

    Censere’s Infrastructure team is composed of professional experts across our multiple offices, who have years of experience and strong track records in serving and supporting our clients in all sectors across the infrastructure cycle.



    • Tangible and intangible asset valuation
    • Integrity Due Diligence
    • Market & Industry Research
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate


    Real Estate is incorporated in all companies and corporations, across a wide array of sectors and should be a key consideration in every business. Markets across the world are constantly changing and it’s important to understand and assess these changes, whether real estate is your core business such as a developer or REIT or a necessity in your business requirements. It is important to work with a Company who can provide accurate and expert opinion in an ever changing market, across a variety of sectors that include office, industrial, retail and residential, along with other specialty markets such as hospitality, data centers and transport facilities.


    How we can assist

    Proper independent valuation requires a combination of strong analytical skills, extensive industry knowledge and access to up-to-date market trends. At Censere, our Real Estate team combines valuation, due diligence, research capabilities and expertise to work with a range of corporations in an array of situations. Whether valuation is for refinancing, financial reporting, portfolio management, insurance, immigration or feasibility studies, Censere will ensure best standards are adhered to. 



    • Valuation and Appraisal
    • Market Research
    • Valuation for Project Monitoring
    • Valuation for Feasibility Studies


    Valuation Specialties 

    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Industrial
    • REIT
    • Data Centre
    • Transport Hubs (eg. Airport, Ferry Terminal)
    • Hotels
    • Leisure (eg. Cinema, Golf Course, Theme Park)
  • Tangibles Valuation & Advisory

    Tangibles Valuation & Advisory

    Working with a multi-disciplinary team, we assist our clients to:

    Real Estate Valuation

    Determine the value of land, buildings and structures for a range of purposes. We are particularly skilled in valuing specialised properties such as purpose-built industrial complexes and infrastructure such as power plants, airports, water treatment plants and the like.

    Machinery & Equipment Valuation

    Value complex manufacturing facilities and associated equipment for acquisition, finance, accounting reference or insurance purposes. Censere is a leader in the provision of specialized machinery and equipment valuation advice to major investors and manufacturers throughout Asia.

    Tooling & Inventory Valuation

    Value tooling, dies, molds, jigs and inventory. All manufacturing concerns know the importance of tooling, yet few know its current value. Censere can assist in identifying both the economic and insurable values of tooling to ensure that it is properly addressed. Similarly, inventory is only an asset if properly managed. The foundation for sound management is an accurate valuation.

    Feasibility Studies

    Test the economic viability of a potential project against established criteria. Censere combines its financial valuation capability with its technical expertise to ensure that feasibility studies reflect the real world situation

    Industry Sector Studies

    Gain insights into specific industry sectors or markets. Censere combines knowledge of numerous industry sectors and Asian markets with our research capability to undertake market entry studies and industry sector reviews

    Capacity Reviews

    Financial forecasts for manufacturing concerns are predicated on assumptions of production capacity at given levels of utilisation. Our technical experts provide independent advice relating to the design capacity and operating capacity of manufacturing facilities. Combined with and operations and maintenance reviews this helps ensure that forecasts can be achieved by the physical infrastructure

    Operations/Maintenance Reviews

    Measure the operating efficiency and capabilities of manufacturing facilities against established industry norms or client specific criteria. This is often performed prior to acquisition or as a benchmarking indicator and might also include a review of existing maintenance levels and future maintenance costs